Saturday, June 18, 2011

Custom Furniture- Without Breaking The Bank

So you are standing by the bus stop after work and you see a stunning piece of furniture in an upscale furniture shop in Manhattan. Your curiosity gets the best of you and you actually go in to look at the price tag. '$ 6000!' you gasp. "Everything about this fine piece of furniture appeals to me except the price.'How in the world do people afford such expensive furniture?' you ask yourself. We don't know the answer to that question, but listen to what one of our clients decided to do about the above scenario.
Above is a piece of high quality furniture on display at D&D that a customer requested be made for her. With the picture of the chair and some dimensions in hand, our custom frame builders built the frame on the left from scratch.Only the finest materials were used and and with our expert workmanship, the result was a furniture piece of the highest quality - minus the high price. While what our client requested of us may seem really ingenious, its common sense really. For example, pharmacies and supermarkets nationwide stock thousands of store branded items from mouthwash to AA batteries and even cereal. Do they own factories that produce these items for them? Of course not. They are produced in the same factories as the real brand names and only the label is different. Chain stores will source these items from only the best manufacturers, because they want their label to be synonymous with quality and value. A brand name is for consumers who dont know who to trust, so they trust the brand name. Problem is, brand names are expensive. If you knew that Energizer made the batteries for Walgreens, you could save some money. But we are talking about custom furniture here -not batteries- and you can save thousands of dollars and get the same look, the same quality and even better. Custom furniture does not have to mean custom furniture prices. There are thousands of homes nationwide that feature the most expensive looking furniture the latest trends in home furniture, but they are not paying outlandish prices. The secret is to find the company that can create the look you want and at the same time not compromise on quality. The result is thousands of dollars in savings.

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